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I need

I have a
business idea

I have a business idea

I have a
working product

I want to enter foreign markets

I have a solution
for a large company

I have a solution for a large company

I have a prototype

What does your company need?


We will speed up the growth of your business and help you test solutions, create a product, acquire financial aid and seek for new customers. Join one of our programmes and take your company to the next level.


Making it easier for young, innovative companies to reach potential investors and acquire other forms of financing, including subsidies and loans. We initiate and support investment processes bringing benefits to your business.

Consulting and training

We ensure professional consulting on all stages of development of your idea. Cooperate with top-class experts and mentors, prepare for an interview with an investor or identify the best expansion markets.

Cooperation with big business

We combine the potential of creative entrepreneurs with infrastructure, experience and resources of large companies. We will make cooperation of startups with corporations valuable and beneficial to both parties.

Foreign fairs and events

We offer the possibility of travelling to the key national and international industry events, making it easier for you to acquire business contacts and to present your company to a bigger group of potential customers.


Acceleration of fintech startup – check the BillTech relation from Scale Up

Technological innovations in the area of finance are very common in Poland. On the one hand, banks and large financial institutions are interested in this sector, as well as consumers who appreciate the facilities offered by a bank. How do fintech startups develop in acceleration? Explore BillTech’s impressions from participation in one of the programs offered as part of the Scale UP competition.

Present and promote your startup on Canadian market during OCE Discovery Toronto

If you are considering selling your products or services on the Canadian market, take part in the OCE Discovery Toronto conference and present your company on the stand promoting startups from the Visegrad Group. During the visit, you will also receive an invitation to meetings with representatives of the Ontario government, investors, corporations and other institutions involved in the development of the innovation ecosystem in Canada.

Benefit from the offer of PFR Group for innovative companies.

Verify your idea, find an investor, acquire new customers or expand your business onto foreign markets.

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