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Polish Development Fund particularly appreciates the value of expert advice on the Polish market and presents profiles of proven specialists from various business areas. Benefit from support of experienced people to develop your business.


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Experts from the area: Team building

Kacper Winiarczyk

Kacper Winiarczyk, Expert in business scaling

Team building

Jędrzej Szcześniak

Jędrzej Szcześniak, Co-founder of Daftcode

Team building

Aleksandra Szol-Tułecka

Aleksandra Szol-Tułecka, CEO, Pixers LTD

Team building

Kamila Sidor

Team building

Jarosław Królewski

CEO, Synerise S.A.

Team building

Katarzyna Kazior

Katarzyna Kazior, Chief Digital Officer, Żabka

Team building

Experts from the area: Marketing

Karol Sadaj

Karol Sadaj, Country Manager, Revolut


Joanna Drabent

Joanna Drabent, CEO & co-founder, Prowly


Jarek Sygitowicz

Jarek Sygitowicz, Vice president of marketing, ZenCard


Dorota Goliszewska

Dorota Goliszewska, Chief editor, My Company Polska


Michał Duszczyk

Michał Duszczyk, Journalist, Rzeczpospolita


Magdalena Wysocka

Magdalena Wysocka, Head of Advertising Revenue, OLX


Michał Bonarowski

Michał Bonarowski, Public Relations Officer, Allegro


Katarzyna Dworzyńska

Katarzyna Dworzyńska, Head of Business, PR Calling


Experts from the area: Business development

Radek Zaleski

Head of Growth, Netguru

Business development

Michał Pękała

Michał Pękała, VP Growth,

Business development

Kornel Koronowski

Kornel Koronowski, Director, Boryszew

Business development

Marcin Tchórzewski

Marcin Tchórzewski, CEO, Coders Lab Szkoła IT

Business development

Błażej Abel

Business development

Jakub Lebuda

Jakub Lebuda, CEO, Clipatize

Business development

Jerzy Kalinowski

Jerzy Kalinowski, Digistrat

Business development

Agnieszka Lewandowska

Agnieszka Lewandowska, Community Manager, Startberry

Business development

Jacek Świgost

Jacek Świgost, Displate

Business development

Experts from the area: Investors relations

Piotr Lagowski

Partner, PROPCO

Investors relations

Michał Borkowski

CEO & co-founder, Brainly

Investors relations

Inga Kasak

Inga Kasak, Manager at PFR

Investors relations

Mikołaj Małaczyński

Mikołaj Małaczyński, Legimi, CEO

Investors relations

Marcin Szeląg

Partner, Innovation Nest

Investors relations

Alina Prawdzik

Alina Prawdzik, Head of Central Eastern Europe, Head of Smart & Connected, innogy Innovation Hub

Investors relations

Experts from the area: Product management

Kamila Staryga

Product management

Grzegorz Wójcik

Grzegorz Wójcik, CEO of Autenti

Product management

What are the values of working with an expert?


Acquiring knowledge and advice from an expert who deals with a particular business area on a daily basis is an important element of creating the company's value.


Learning based on successes and failures is an integral part of every entrepreneur's history. Each expert is an inexhaustible source of knowledge that can be shared with others.


An effective mentor and expert cannot be only a theoretician – their knowledge must be verified on the market and supported by practical actions.

How to benefit from the expert’s help?

Take part in PFR Network of Mentors program and meet with a selected mentor who will share the experience and knowledge with you.

Benefit from the offer of PFR Group for innovative companies.

Verify your idea, find an investor, acquire new customers or expand your business onto foreign markets.

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